>>WE are the MOST QUANTITY WITH BEST QUALITY Importers and suppliers
of used Forklifts, Forklift parts, Machines, Cars & Car parts in the Region.

At Richani Group you can find what you need all around Selling and Renting of
Forklifts & Industrial Equipments.
Industrial wheels and industrial Batteries are
available too.

At Richani Group we have also Building machines such as Loaders, Bobcats
Excavators, Backhoe's, Scissor lifts, Narrow aisle, Pallet jacks, Shelves & Strakers.

With Years of experience we find out exactly What you need your machine for,
the environment will be working in
and the Expected Workload.
With our experience, we will make sure you'll take the right decision based on
your current position and your future needs